Account Management Service


Best Forex Account Management Service, Withdraw Profits Every 30 Days!

Are you grappling with the challenges of forex trading, having witnessed significant financial losses? Or perhaps you’re venturing into the forex market for the first time and seek to invest your capital judiciously? Our forex account management service is designed to cater to both experienced traders facing setbacks and novices eager to step into the trading arena with a strategic edge. By entrusting your investment to our expert team, you can benefit from a service that prioritizes the prudent management of your funds in the dynamic forex market.


Exclusive Service

  • Fund your account with at least $6700. The bigger the better.
  • We will trade the money for you and deliver profits each month.
    “Note that I can only trade the account, I won’t have any other permission. For example I won’t be able to withdraw money from the account”. (You are safe)
  • You sit back and withdraw profits every month. Easy.
    You pay us only after 30 Days and Only after you have earned profits from your initial capital.

How It Works.

You will need to open an account with any MT4 broker you prefer and deposit into it, At least $6700.

Then you will need to give us access to trade on this account – Which means we will not have any permission other than trading.

You can monitor the trading on your account in real-time. All the money and profits always stay in your account.


How is Profit Shared?.

We take 30% of profits while you take 70%

Example: Your account has a deposit of $30,000. At the end of the month(after 30 days) We made a total profit of $6,000 in your account.
You give us 30% of the $6000 profit and you take the rest. That is it.

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